Facial Abuse Bimbo 'Bused And Bred

Facial Abuse Bimbo ‘Bused And Bred

Who wouldn’t love a blonde bimbo, especially one who does what she’s told? She may be amusing, but not as funny as watching her get the ‘whore bowl’ poured on her head and seeing her shake like she has seen the holy spirit. She ripped the old man from the Legend Bootlegs clan to shreds like it was free government cheese. She took the punishment hard, gulping down yellow discipline and allowing it to cover her face in addition to going into her mouth. Her head was nearly impaled by the flashlight of an incel’s basement. She did this job well—so well that it earned her more free government cheese. Then, three loads covered her bimbo face in such a humiliating manner that even baby Jesus shed tears at the sight. But she ate up the cum like a faithful little whore who knows her role, and for that I admire her.

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Facial Abuse